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Tips for tooth maintenance


The bucket teeth are also part of the daily maintenance of the excavator. It is an important part of the work, so we must spend a few minutes every day to check the bucket.

The inspection content is: the degree of wear of the bucket body and whether there are cracks, if the degree of wear is more serious, you should consider strengthening. As for the bucket body with cracks, welding repair should be carried out in time to avoid increasing the length of the cracks due to delayed repairs, which may cause maintenance failure. In addition, kick the bucket teeth with your foot to check whether the bucket ruler is stable. If the bucket teeth are loose, you should tighten them immediately.
So bucket teeth are teeth of the excavator. It is the terminal of the working device of the excavator. During the excavation operation, the bucket tooth is the working part with the largest load and belongs to consumable parts. Especially in the stone construction environment, the bucket tooth wears particularly fast. The use of bucket teeth can actually affect the working efficiency and production cost of the excavator. When the tip of the bucket teeth is relatively worn, the force required for the excavator to cut in during the digging operation will inevitably increase, which will result in greater fuel consumption and affect work efficiency. Therefore, when it is detected that the tooth loss is serious, it is necessary to replace the tooth with a new one in time.

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